In this first section of Dojo tutorial we will familiarize you with the Dojo framework. Dojo is another great JavaScript framework to develop ajax based application.

What is Dojo?

    *  Dojo is JavaScript framework released as open source software. This JavaScript toolkit provides many components to develop rich internet applications
    * You can use Dojo toolkit to develop dynamic web applications. Dojo toolkit will put life in your web application and turn it into highly interactive application. You can turn your web application into desktop like web application.
    * Dojo offers many widgets, utilities and ajax libraries to develop your application.
    * Dojo is released under BSD or AFL license
    * Dojo is free and can be used to develop free or commercial application.

Features of Dojo

    * Dojo is based on HTML and JavaScript, so its easy for the developers to learn it fast.
    * There is no requirement of learning new programming language. Just HTML and JavaScript knowledge if sufficient.
    * Dojo provides higher abstraction layer to the programmer.  So, it helps the programmers to develop powerful functions very easily.
    * Dojo has already invented the wheels for the programmers and now programmers just have to use the Dojo api into their application

Here is the list of components that comes along with Dojo framework:

    * DOJO Tree
    * DOJO Button
    * DOJO Calendar control
    * DOJO Grid
    * DOJO List box