Cognizant Q4 revenue up 20% to $902.7m

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Cognizant Technology Solutions, a provider of information technology, consulting and business process outsourcing services, has reported revenue of $902.7m for the fourth quarter of 2009, an increase of 20% compared to $753m for the same period last year.

The company's operating margin was 18.5% while the operating income was $166.9m, compared to $142.7m for the same period last year. Depreciation and amortisation expenses increased to $24.3m from $21.25m for the same period last year.

For the quarter ended December 31, 2009, the company posted a net income of $144m, up 28% compared to $112.3m in the same period a year ago.

For the full year 2009, the company reported revenue $3.28bn, up 16% from $2.8bn in 2008. Operating income was $618.5m, compared to $516.7m in 2008. Net income was $535m, or $1.78 per diluted share, compared to $430.8mn, or $1.44 per diluted share, in 2008.

Francisco D'Souza, president and CEO of Cognizant, said: "Despite a very difficult economy, Cognizant delivered strong results with 16% annual revenue growth. The investments we made in our business leave us in an even stronger position than when we entered 2009."

"During the year, we grew our workforce by more than 16,700 people, improved our employee utilisation, strengthened our client partnerships, and brought new services and capabilities to market. We believe Cognizant is set to deliver robust performance in 2010 and will continue to set new standards for our industry."

The company anticipates first quarter 2010 revenues to be $935m and diluted EPS to be $0.48. For fiscal 2010, revenues are anticipated to be at least $3.93bn, up at least 20% compared to 2009.


Do you know what is inside your computer? Maybe you peeked when the service technician was installing something for you. When you first open up the CPU and look inside, a computer is a very threatening machine. But once you know about the different parts that make up a complete computer it gets a lot easier. Today's computers consist of around eight main components; some of the advanced computers might have a few more components. What are these eight main components and what are they used for? We will start with beginner level details to get you started.

First is the Power Supply. The power supply is used to provide electricity to all of the components in your computer. It is usually a rectangular box and is usually positioned in one of the corners of the computer. To find it for sure, look to see where the power cable plugs into the back of the computer and you have found the power supply. Most power supplies today are calculated in wattage and come in 50 watt increments (500 watt, 550, 600, etc

Second is the Motherboard. All of the components are connected into the motherboard; it doesn't mean that it is the brain of the computer. Yes it holds the brain and helps it act together with all the other components of the machine.

The third and a very important component of a computer is the CPU (Central Processing Unit), Known as the brain of the computer and nothing is going to happen without it. All major calculation performed by a computer are carried out inside its CPU. It is also responsible for activating and controlling the operations of other units of the system. The faster the CPU can do these calculations and give the correct answers, the faster the computer runs for the user. CPUs are now measured in gigahertz (Ghz) and they are at present up to our 3.8GHz or faster

A fourth component is the RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM is used as momentary working storage for the computer. We have different types of RAM memory with different speed, but it should match with your motherboard so that it can work properly. The more RAM you have in your computer, the better your computer will work.

The fifth component is the Hard drive. This is where you can store everything. Our material on the hard drive includes the operating system (Windows XP, etc), games, and different types of software, etc. over the year the capacity of the hard drive is continuously improving and in the interval of few years its capacity have gone from around 20MB to over 500GB and more. So you can store a lot more information on your computer such as games, pictures, videos, applications, and more.

Sixth component is Cooling fans. Often most computers come with one cooling fan or it might have several. Its help to cool down the heat generated by others components, Such as power supply, the CPU, and some high-end video cards. The work of all of your cooling fans is to get this heat out of the case so that nothing overheats and breaks. While most of the noise you hear coming from a computer can be credited to the cooling fans, remember to be tolerant. The cooling fan is your friend!

Our Seventh and final component is the mixture of several different devices. These are the Cd-rom, DVD drives, floppy Drive and Backup devices such as external hard drive.

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Dual-Core processor

Core™2 Duo Processor

Quad-Core processor

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Prashant Satarkar
He has a good experience into Java and J2EE designing and development. He has worked for many national and international clients as developer and designer on J2EE technologies.

Requirement Analysis and Designing has been his core competency. He has also studied Rational Unified Processes. The design patterns can come in handy designing phase of the project.

Here is a write-up by Mr. Prashant Satarkar on the subject of design patterns.

Who should read this?
I want to write this article on patterns because I have found in many books that reading about a pattern also, does not at times gives us complete feel of how and where to use it. I want that I should be able to write something which presents the patterns in as simple a way as possible. If the reader understands about the patterns after reading this, I will consider myself successful.

Abstract: “Pattern” as the name suggests, means series of events occurring in a definite order. The patterns can be found in Java and J2ee technologies also. Many a times, we find that there is a particular way of tackling a problem. This way is easy and has been used many times successfully by a number of people earlier also. This method becomes a pattern.

Learning the design patterns is a multiple step process:
1. Acceptance
2. Recognition
3. Internalization

Patterns Defined: The patterns can be defined in many ways. You can find the definitions of patterns in many good books.

“Design patterns are recurring solutions to design problems.”

Patterns: According to commonly known practices, there are 23 design patterns in Java. These patterns are grouped under three heads:
1. Creational Patterns
2. Structural Patterns
3. Behavioral Patterns

About Design Pattern

What is the design pattern?
If a problem occurs over and over again, a solution to that problem has been used effectively. That solution is described as a pattern. The design patterns are language-independent strategies for solving common object-oriented design problems. When you make a design, you should know the names of some common solutions. Learning design patterns is good for people to communicate each other effectively. In fact, you may have been familiar with some design patterns, you may not use well-known names to describe them. SUN suggests GOF (Gang Of Four--four pioneer guys who wrote a book named "Design Patterns"- Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software), so we use that book as our guide to describe solutions. Please make you be familiar with these terms and learn how other people solve the code problems.

Do I have to use the design pattern?
If you want to be a professional Java developer, you should know at least some popular solutions to coding problems. Such solutions have been proved efficient and effective by the experienced developers. These solutions are described as so-called design patterns. Learning design patterns speeds up your experience accumulation in OOA/OOD. Once you grasped them, you would be benefit from them for all your life and jump up yourselves to be a master of designing and developing. Furthermore, you will be able to use these terms to communicate with your fellows or assessors more effectively.

Many programmers with many years experience don't know design patterns, but as an Object-Oriented programmer, you have to know them well, especially for new Java programmers. Actually, when you solved a coding problem, you have used a design pattern. You may not use a popular name to describe it or may not choose an effective way to better intellectually control over what you built. Learning how the experienced developers to solve the coding problems and trying to use them in your project are a best way to earn your experience and certification.

Remember that learning the design patterns will really change how you design your code; not only will you be smarter but will you sound a lot smarter, too.

How many design patterns?
Many. A site says at least 250 existing patterns are used in OO world, including Spaghetti which refers to poor coding habits. The 23 design patterns by GOF are well known, and more are to be discovered on the way.

Note that the design patterns are not idioms or algorithms or components.

What is the relationship among these patterns?
Generally, to build a system, you may need many patterns to fit together. Different designer may use different patterns to solve the same problem. Usually:

Some patterns naturally fit together
One pattern may lead to another
Some patterns are similar and alternative
Patterns are discoverable and documentable
Patterns are not methods or framework
Patterns give you hint to solve a problem effectively

F-Secure Anti-Theft – Mobile anti-theft software – mobile tracker

With the fresh F-Secure Adaptable anti-theft, you can accidentally lock the buzz and assure the advice it contains with a distinct SMS message. If the buzz is baseborn and the bandit changes the SIM card, the Theft Control affection locks the buzz and informs you of the fresh number. As an ultimate assurance admeasurement to anticipate misuse, it is accessible to abolish all the abstracts on the buzz with Remote Wipe.

So the key appearance of the fresh F-Secure Adaptable buzz anti-theftcomputer application are:

* Lock your buzz remotely

* Abolish the arcane abstracts remotely

* Get abreast who blanket your phone

The fresh F-Secure Anti-Theft for Adaptable supports Symbian and Windows adaptable platforms.

* S60 5th Edition

* S60 3rd Edition

* Windows Adaptable 6 Professional

* Windows Adaptable 6 Standard

F-Secure Adaptable anti-theftcomputer application Amount in India : The fresh F-Secure Adaptable buzz anti-theftcomputer application is currently accessible in India at 50% discount.So accepted amount of F-Secure Adaptable anti-theftcomputer application is Rs.695 in India (after discount).

Acer Laptops overheating problem

Certain Acer Aspire laptops may overheat beneath specific conditions. Acer is accordingly voluntarily instituting a assurance anamnesis for these products.

The overheating afflicted Acer laptop models are:

* Acer Aspire 3410(AS3410)

* Acer Aspire 3810 (AS3810T or TG or TZ or TGZ)

* Acer Aspire 5738 (AS5738G)

* Aspire 5738Z (AS5738ZG)

Microsoft Office 2010 Price details

Microsoft Office 2010 Prices

Here are the appraisement capacity of Microsoft Office 2010 (MS Office 2010 Price) :

* Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student Price – $149 as a boxed product, and for $119 with a artefact key card

* Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Busines Price- $279 as a boxed product, and $199 with a artefact key card

* Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Price – $499 as a boxed product, and $349 with a artefact key card

* Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Academic adaptation Price – $99 as a boxed product

In Simple Words:

* For bodies active a baby business or alive from home, MS Office Home and Business is offered for $279 (boxed) or $199 (Product Key Card) and includes Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, OneNote 2010, Outlook 2010, and Office Web Apps.

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Latest IT

Better-than-expected advance in Microsoft's chump business, and able Windows 7 demand, helped thecomputer application behemothic breach a cord of black annual results.

For Microsoft's budgetary additional analysis concluded December 31, acquirement jumped 14 percent to aloof over $19 billion and accumulation rose 60 percent to $6.6 billion. Balance per allotment leapt 57 percent to 74 cents, far outpacing Wall Street analysts' apprehension of 59 cents per share.

In Microsoft's balance call, anew all-powerful CFO Peter Klein, who took over aftermost ages for the ancient Chris Liddell, said Microsoft awash almost 60 actor Windows 7 licenses during the aboriginal bisected of its budgetary 2010 year. Chump SKUs such as Windows 7 Home Premium helped drive a 35 percent year-on-year access in Windows licensing acquirement during Q2, according to Klein.

"It was an aberrant analysis for the Windows division," Klein said in the call.

Netbooks, which accept been the affliction of Microsoft's actuality because of their ability to eat abroad at Microsoft's Windows Client analysis revenue, are starting to attending like beneath of a threat. Klein estimated that netbooks currently annual for about 11 percent of the PC market, a cardinal that is almost collapsed year on year.

Microsoft is aggravating to become added chump aggressive and the Q2 after-effects advance it has fabricated some advance in this area. But Microsoft, of course, has commonly fabricated best of its money from business customers, and its angle in this attention is absolutely beneath rosy. Klein accepted that action spending still hasn't apparent any affectionate of allusive uptick that would announce a accretion is imminent.

The server accouterments bazaar was stronger than accepted during the quarter, and chump acceptance of Windows Server 2008 R2, as able-bodied as Microsoft's virtualization and administration offerings, connected to abound during the quarter, Klein said. But the Microsoft Business Analysis saw acquirement bead 3 percent due to the anemic IT spending environment. And accomplishment licensing revenue, which Microsoft derives from aggregate licensing agreements, was additionally collapsed year-on-year.

Klein said Action Agreement sales cycles are starting to amplify and that overall, Microsoft's unearned revenue, abundant of which comes from aggregate licensing, was bottomward hardly for the year, he said.

This is important because accomplishment licensing has acted as a beanbag for Microsoft's acquirement in the past. Aftermost July, Bob Muglia, admiral of Microsoft's Server and Tools division, accustomed this in a affair with banking analysts.

"What you accept in aspect is a shock cushion to the business," Muglia told banking analysts aftermost July.

Elsewhere, Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices analysis saw acquirement abatement 11 percent, and Online Services analysis acquirement alone 5 percent, including a 2 percent bead in online advertising. Microsoft was quick to point out that Bing has acquired bazaar allotment in anniversary of the 7 months aback its launch, but has been impacted by crumbling affectation announcement ante in all-embracing markets.

While it's no agnosticism auspicious to Microsoft admiral to see the Windows banknote cow aback on its feet, the questions about its action business accept apparently aside any albino cork bustling in Redmond. With Microsoft set to barrage Windows Azure as a paid account abutting week, all eyes will be on the Server and Tools analysis in abutting quarter's balance call.

Google To Suspend IE6 For Gmail!

Google will suspend Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) support for its Gmail and Calendar services later this year, reports The move will come at some point after 1 March 2010, when Google will start scaling back IE6 support for Google Docs and Google Sites. "We plan to stop supporting older browsers for the rest of the Google Apps suite, including Gmail, later in 2010," a Google spokesman confirmed. Along with IE6, on Google's no-support list are Mozilla's Firefox 2.0, Apple s Safari 2.0 and Google's own Chrome 3.0.

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Beta 2

Download the beta and begin investigating the new capabilities, including new testing options, enhancements to the integrated development environment, built-in tools for Windows 7 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010, new drag and drop bindings for Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation, and more.


The Java revolution, which started more than a decade ago, gains even more momentum with today's announcement of JavaFX, a new Java innovation targeted at the billions of consumer devices and computers powered by Java technology. JavaFX is a new family of Java technology-based products that will help content providers create and deploy rich Internet applications (RIA). Available today are the first two JavaFX releases: JavaFX Script and JavaFX Mobile.

A new scripting language, JavaFX Script gives Java developers the power to quickly create content-rich applications for the widest variety of clients, including mobile devices, set-top boxes, desktops, even Blu-ray discs. Content creators now have a simple way to develop content for any Java Powered consumer device.

JavaFX Mobile is a complete software system for mobile devices. It is available via OEM licenses to carriers, handset manufacturers, and other companies that want to simplify and accelerate the development of a powerful standardized software system that can be leveraged across a wide range of consumer devices. In addition:

* JavaFX allows content creators to create rich media content without relying on developers, including drag and drop of desktop and mobile content to the desktop, something that is not possible in any other RIA.

* JavaFX Script offers a close integration with other Java components (applications and infrastructure) running on server and client platforms, enabling a rich end-to-end experience for developers and users.

* JavaFX Script takes advantage of the Java security model so consumers can securely access assets (e.g., pictures, music files, word documents) on their desktop.

Dynamic Interactive Content on Any Device

You can't always predict what devices or platforms your customers will be using and with JavaFX, you don't have to. Unlike other device platforms built around proprietary technologies, JavaFX Mobile uses industry standard technologies--this means that applications built with JavaFX can run on a wide range of Java-enabled devices, and content providers can add them to their devices quickly. The latest standards, including the Mobile Services Architecture set of device APIs, are tightly integrated in JavaFX Mobile, so developers have a rich set of highly portable capabilities.

Consumers are looking for exciting, dynamic content on the Web and expecting a more interactive experience with Web services. JavaFX can help you deliver visually compelling applications, such as maps and mashups, video, audio, and pictures, that you can standardize across cell phones, TVs, and more. The new scripting language can be closely integrated with other Java components that already run on servers and clients. And because it's built around open standards, the JavaFX technologies offer the companies that create rich Internet applications faster time to market and enhanced consistency for apps and services.

JavaFX lets you give your constantly connected consumers what they're looking for--a stunning user experience on whatever device they're currently online with, whether they're sitting in front of their desktop, whiling away their commute time with their PDAs, or relaxing at home.
Write Once, Run Anywhere

Applications written with JavaFX Script take advantage of Java technology's established traits, such as write-once-run-anywhere portability, application security, ubiquitous distribution, and enterprise connectivity.

The uniqueness of JavaFX Script comes from its ability to leverage the proven power of the Java platform and from Java's widespread market penetration, given its unparalleled ubiquity running across 9 out of 10 PCs and mobile devices.

In addition, JavaFX Script can support user interfaces of any size or complexity; it is statically typed and can take advantage of Java's programming models--such as code structuring, reuse, and encapsulation features--that make it possible to build and maintain large programs in JavaFX Script. JavaFX Script will appeal to content authors because the structure of the written code closely matches the actual layout of the GUI, and it's easier to understand and maintain. JavaFX Script will also appeal to Java developers and can be leveraged via a NetBeans plugin.
Download the JavaFX Code, Join the Community

Go to to join the JavaFX community and download the JavaFX Script alpha code. Contribute to it and participate in Sun's ongoing enhancement of the new family of Java products.

From smart cards to mobile phones to enterprise applications and supercomputers, Java technology has become one of the world's most significant and pervasive platforms. Java technology truly is everywhere. The JavaFX family will make it easier than ever to build and quickly deploy rich Internet applications and interactive content on clients ranging from the browser to devices.

Apache Struts 2

Apache Struts 2 is an elegant, adaptable framework for creating enterprise-ready Java web applications. The framework is advised to accumulate the abounding development cycle, from building, to deploying, to advancement applications over time.

Apache Struts 2 was originally accepted as WebWork 2. After alive apart for several years, the WebWork and Struts communities abutting armament to actualize Struts2. This fresh adaptation of Struts is simpler to use and afterpiece to how Struts was consistently meant to be.

Java Interview Q&A link

SQL Server 2011

Inspired both anon and alongside by adolescent MVP Erland Sommarskog, whose programming wishlist I talked about the added day, I acquire absitively to abridge a account of my own ambition account items, in the aforementioned spirit of, "it's never too early." This account is belted to issues involving Administration Studio; I was activity to awning all of the administration accoutrement that address with SQL Server, but this bound accepted to be absolutely an adventure on its own, and the blow I adeptness leave to addition else.

I acquire aggregate the items in seven altered categories, and present them actuality in no accurate order. Some are bugs that should be fixed, and some are suggestions that could use added weight if you are absorbed in seeing the changes. I did not absorb a lot of time anecdotic the items below, so if you don't get abundant advice here, amuse feel chargeless to apprehend the Connect acknowledgment items themselves, as there is absolutely added detail accessible there.

Editor / Results

* Abutment an avant-garde advantage to acquiesce downlevel IntelliSense (e.g. in SQL Server Administration Studio for the abutting version, SQL Server 2008 should be supported).

Connect #341872

* Restore abounding Ctrl+N functionality, which doesn't arise to be accessible in all cases as of SQL Server 2008 RTM.

Connect #362331

* Never abbreviate cavalcade names in filigree results... currently depending on the chantry you acquire chosen, cavalcade names get truncated.

Connect #230600 / Connect #230912

* Use the aforementioned rules for chief on cavalcade widths in filigree results. It appears to partly be a action of the data, but additionally partly a action of how abounding resultsets acquire already been presented. Pulling the exact aforementioned abstracts in alternating queries, you can see staggered widths for the aforementioned columns.

Connect #356926

* Abutment pushpin/auto-hide functionality for the after-effects pane... this is one of the alone panes that can't auto-hide and requires keyboard ascribe to show/hide.

Connect #361770

* There is a all-encompassing account that suggests some improvements to the fresh tab functionality.

Connect #361707

* A while aback I appropriate improvements to the "save assorted files" chat you get aback you acquire assorted unsaved files accessible and try to abutting Administration Studio. Currently you charge to save anniversary book one by one, and I anticipate it could be added streamlined.

Connect #264434

* It should be harder to accidentally alpha debugging; currently the alter figure is not actual intuitive... it looks like the assassinate button from Concern Analyzer, and abounding users advance anon from 2000 to 2008 accoutrement are activity to alpha debugging sessions accidentally.

Connect #362572

Object Explorer

* Restore abounding F8 functionality. Currently this opens Article Charlatan (sometimes), but it is no best accessible to abutting it application the aforementioned keyboard shortcut.

Connect #362211

* Acquiesce custom folders to adapt altar by schema, or functionality, etc.

Connect #290825

* Aforementioned custom binder alignment could be implemented for SQL Server Agent and Linked Servers

Connect #339153

* In the account of synonyms, appearance altered icons or accumulation the items to Announce article type.

Connect #338885

* Include synonyms (with hardly altered icon) in account of procedures, tables etc., authoritative them added discoverable.

Connect #338883

Object Charlatan Details

* Do not amount all article charlatan capacity abstracts aback the window is not alike displayed; barring that, at atomic fix the cursor that runs queries for every db aback assuming Article Charlatan results.

Connect #357349

* Rather than accomplish an error, avoid or bypass Article Charlatan Capacity for altar (e.g. databases) area the user doesn't acquire access.

Connect #355238

* There are some allocation issues in Article Charlatan Capacity as well.

Connect #357367

Scripting / Designers

* Fix BIT abstracts blazon access in "open table" / "edit top n"... currently this filigree alone accepts TRUE/FALSE, and does not acquire 1, 0, -1, T, F, etc. There are bristles alive items about this... booty your pick.

* Stop referencing deprecated altar such as sysobjects.

Connect #289696

(There should additionally be a advance for not appointment ad hoc sql to the server. And absolutely lose any old-style joins... admitting I couldn't acquisition any examples of this in SSMS 2008.)

* Deprecate accessible table. 'Nuff said.

Connect #264592

* Some scripting options still crop activating SQL, which generates scripts that are abundant harder to read/debug.

Connect #242799

* Abounding bodies acquire complained about apathetic scripting performance; I'm acquisitive Erland will point me to one of his items that demonstrates this symptom.

SQL Server Agent

* Job footfall command window should abutment best editor functionality -- syntax highlighting has gone away, tab and shift+tab don't assignment as accepted adjoin called text, and the anatomize button behaves abnormally than in a accustomed concern window. I anticipate IntelliSense could be there too, but didn't feel able abundant about it to abide an item.

* In the Job Activity Adviser and Job History viewer, constant times charge to be shown. In some cases server time is shown, and in some cases applicant time is shown... this can account abashing aback the server is in a abstracts centermost on the added ancillary of the country or on the added ancillary of the world. This should be added consistent.

Connect #355428

* There should be a top akin bulge for managing schedules, as currently you can alone adapt a agenda from aural one of the jobs it is amid in, and it is not bright whether the changes affect that job only, or if they affect all jobs associated with that schedule.

Connect #298940

* In the history / log book viewer, there is no adeptness to array any columns.

Connect #239004

* The history / log book eyewitness is modal, authoritative it adamantine to escape and go aback to the job steps... or to analyze history of two jobs in abstracted windows (instead of interspersed in the aforementioned window). Would be abundant if this were non-modal and/or accustomed multiple.

Connect #288174


* Since occasionally an absurdity bulletin is continued abundant to be clipped, all dialogs should acquire a aerate button.

Connect #337332

* There are several accessory issues with dialogs (especially modal) not apropos primary or antecedent adviser aback application SSMS on assorted monitors.

Connect #336597

* On abounding dialogs area you can browse for a folder, you can actualize a fresh binder inline; however, there are abounding examples in SSMS area you can't. The browse or acquisition binder dialogs should all use a accepted basal ascendancy that acquiesce inline binder creation. I'm afraid this affectionate of chat is accustomed aural Windows logo guidelines, or whatever they're calling their standards acquiescence behavior these days.

Connect #291312

Activity Monitor

* In the filigree approach of Top SQL, queries that accommodate carrying returns, band feeds, tabs etc. end up displayed with animal boxes.

Connect #350736

* With a continued query, the tooltip that hovers over the filigree row shows allotment of the SQL, but not all. My advancement is that if the tooltip can't appearance the accomplished concern (which is reasonable), it should announce that there is added abaft it, for archetype with ellipses.

Connect #350743