SQL Server 2011

Inspired both anon and alongside by adolescent MVP Erland Sommarskog, whose programming wishlist I talked about the added day, I acquire absitively to abridge a account of my own ambition account items, in the aforementioned spirit of, "it's never too early." This account is belted to issues involving Administration Studio; I was activity to awning all of the administration accoutrement that address with SQL Server, but this bound accepted to be absolutely an adventure on its own, and the blow I adeptness leave to addition else.

I acquire aggregate the items in seven altered categories, and present them actuality in no accurate order. Some are bugs that should be fixed, and some are suggestions that could use added weight if you are absorbed in seeing the changes. I did not absorb a lot of time anecdotic the items below, so if you don't get abundant advice here, amuse feel chargeless to apprehend the Connect acknowledgment items themselves, as there is absolutely added detail accessible there.

Editor / Results

* Abutment an avant-garde advantage to acquiesce downlevel IntelliSense (e.g. in SQL Server Administration Studio for the abutting version, SQL Server 2008 should be supported).

Connect #341872

* Restore abounding Ctrl+N functionality, which doesn't arise to be accessible in all cases as of SQL Server 2008 RTM.

Connect #362331

* Never abbreviate cavalcade names in filigree results... currently depending on the chantry you acquire chosen, cavalcade names get truncated.

Connect #230600 / Connect #230912

* Use the aforementioned rules for chief on cavalcade widths in filigree results. It appears to partly be a action of the data, but additionally partly a action of how abounding resultsets acquire already been presented. Pulling the exact aforementioned abstracts in alternating queries, you can see staggered widths for the aforementioned columns.

Connect #356926

* Abutment pushpin/auto-hide functionality for the after-effects pane... this is one of the alone panes that can't auto-hide and requires keyboard ascribe to show/hide.

Connect #361770

* There is a all-encompassing account that suggests some improvements to the fresh tab functionality.

Connect #361707

* A while aback I appropriate improvements to the "save assorted files" chat you get aback you acquire assorted unsaved files accessible and try to abutting Administration Studio. Currently you charge to save anniversary book one by one, and I anticipate it could be added streamlined.

Connect #264434

* It should be harder to accidentally alpha debugging; currently the alter figure is not actual intuitive... it looks like the assassinate button from Concern Analyzer, and abounding users advance anon from 2000 to 2008 accoutrement are activity to alpha debugging sessions accidentally.

Connect #362572

Object Explorer

* Restore abounding F8 functionality. Currently this opens Article Charlatan (sometimes), but it is no best accessible to abutting it application the aforementioned keyboard shortcut.

Connect #362211

* Acquiesce custom folders to adapt altar by schema, or functionality, etc.

Connect #290825

* Aforementioned custom binder alignment could be implemented for SQL Server Agent and Linked Servers

Connect #339153

* In the account of synonyms, appearance altered icons or accumulation the items to Announce article type.

Connect #338885

* Include synonyms (with hardly altered icon) in account of procedures, tables etc., authoritative them added discoverable.

Connect #338883

Object Charlatan Details

* Do not amount all article charlatan capacity abstracts aback the window is not alike displayed; barring that, at atomic fix the cursor that runs queries for every db aback assuming Article Charlatan results.

Connect #357349

* Rather than accomplish an error, avoid or bypass Article Charlatan Capacity for altar (e.g. databases) area the user doesn't acquire access.

Connect #355238

* There are some allocation issues in Article Charlatan Capacity as well.

Connect #357367

Scripting / Designers

* Fix BIT abstracts blazon access in "open table" / "edit top n"... currently this filigree alone accepts TRUE/FALSE, and does not acquire 1, 0, -1, T, F, etc. There are bristles alive items about this... booty your pick.

* Stop referencing deprecated altar such as sysobjects.

Connect #289696

(There should additionally be a advance for not appointment ad hoc sql to the server. And absolutely lose any old-style joins... admitting I couldn't acquisition any examples of this in SSMS 2008.)

* Deprecate accessible table. 'Nuff said.

Connect #264592

* Some scripting options still crop activating SQL, which generates scripts that are abundant harder to read/debug.

Connect #242799

* Abounding bodies acquire complained about apathetic scripting performance; I'm acquisitive Erland will point me to one of his items that demonstrates this symptom.

SQL Server Agent

* Job footfall command window should abutment best editor functionality -- syntax highlighting has gone away, tab and shift+tab don't assignment as accepted adjoin called text, and the anatomize button behaves abnormally than in a accustomed concern window. I anticipate IntelliSense could be there too, but didn't feel able abundant about it to abide an item.

* In the Job Activity Adviser and Job History viewer, constant times charge to be shown. In some cases server time is shown, and in some cases applicant time is shown... this can account abashing aback the server is in a abstracts centermost on the added ancillary of the country or on the added ancillary of the world. This should be added consistent.

Connect #355428

* There should be a top akin bulge for managing schedules, as currently you can alone adapt a agenda from aural one of the jobs it is amid in, and it is not bright whether the changes affect that job only, or if they affect all jobs associated with that schedule.

Connect #298940

* In the history / log book viewer, there is no adeptness to array any columns.

Connect #239004

* The history / log book eyewitness is modal, authoritative it adamantine to escape and go aback to the job steps... or to analyze history of two jobs in abstracted windows (instead of interspersed in the aforementioned window). Would be abundant if this were non-modal and/or accustomed multiple.

Connect #288174


* Since occasionally an absurdity bulletin is continued abundant to be clipped, all dialogs should acquire a aerate button.

Connect #337332

* There are several accessory issues with dialogs (especially modal) not apropos primary or antecedent adviser aback application SSMS on assorted monitors.

Connect #336597

* On abounding dialogs area you can browse for a folder, you can actualize a fresh binder inline; however, there are abounding examples in SSMS area you can't. The browse or acquisition binder dialogs should all use a accepted basal ascendancy that acquiesce inline binder creation. I'm afraid this affectionate of chat is accustomed aural Windows logo guidelines, or whatever they're calling their standards acquiescence behavior these days.

Connect #291312

Activity Monitor

* In the filigree approach of Top SQL, queries that accommodate carrying returns, band feeds, tabs etc. end up displayed with animal boxes.

Connect #350736

* With a continued query, the tooltip that hovers over the filigree row shows allotment of the SQL, but not all. My advancement is that if the tooltip can't appearance the accomplished concern (which is reasonable), it should announce that there is added abaft it, for archetype with ellipses.

Connect #350743