F-Secure Anti-Theft – Mobile anti-theft software – mobile tracker

With the fresh F-Secure Adaptable anti-theft, you can accidentally lock the buzz and assure the advice it contains with a distinct SMS message. If the buzz is baseborn and the bandit changes the SIM card, the Theft Control affection locks the buzz and informs you of the fresh number. As an ultimate assurance admeasurement to anticipate misuse, it is accessible to abolish all the abstracts on the buzz with Remote Wipe.

So the key appearance of the fresh F-Secure Adaptable buzz anti-theftcomputer application are:

* Lock your buzz remotely

* Abolish the arcane abstracts remotely

* Get abreast who blanket your phone

The fresh F-Secure Anti-Theft for Adaptable supports Symbian and Windows adaptable platforms.

* S60 5th Edition

* S60 3rd Edition

* Windows Adaptable 6 Professional

* Windows Adaptable 6 Standard

F-Secure Adaptable anti-theftcomputer application Amount in India : The fresh F-Secure Adaptable buzz anti-theftcomputer application is currently accessible in India at 50% discount.So accepted amount of F-Secure Adaptable anti-theftcomputer application is Rs.695 in India (after discount).