Java Technology

                  Java technology has become a complete software ecosystem that represents different values to different types of consumer and business users. It offers developers a choice of three Java platform editions depending on the need:

    * Java technology in small and mobile devices
    * Java technology in PC desktops
    * Java technology in medium to large businesses

Sun Open Sources Java Platform Implementations

Sun open-sourced its implementation of the Java platform as free software. Get involved! Visit the three open-source Java communities that Sun is seeding and download the code: OpenJDK, Mobile & Embedded and the GlassFish community.

What can Java software do? Take a look at how Java technology is changing the world!

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    * More about security and the Java Platform
    * About Java Web Services

For consumers, Java technology is the first software technology that simply works without a struggle. Consumers are delighted to see applications run reliably and compatibly on such an incredible array of network products - from PCs, game players, and mobile phones to home appliances and automotive electronics. The Java brand has come to represent applications that are lively and interactive. A growing voice among consumers all over the globe actively prefers Java Powered applications and products.

    * Java + You

For business, Java technology represents choice, performance, efficiency, and flexibility. The Enterprise Java platform serves as an end-to-end infrastructure that gives IT managers an extremely wide variety of compatible business logic applications, independent of their application server or portal server vendor - whether it is BEA, IBM, Oracle, or Sun. It significantly extends their reach and interactivity among employees, customers, and partners. Just as important, IT managers know there is a global ecosystem of Java developers, support engineers, and knowledge bases to reduce the risk and time to deployment as well as the ongoing cost of ownership and maintenance.

For developers, Java technology allows them to write software on one platform and run it on practically any other platform. It lets them create multi-threaded programs that run within Web browsers and Web services. Also, they can combine reusable Java objects to quickly create unique and highly customized server-side applications, such as online forums, stores, polls, HTML forms processing, and secure transactions. And of course, there's a support community of four milion fellow developers, thousands of independent developer web sites, hundreds of providers that support Java developers, and the Java Community Process (

Java technology is an object-oriented, platform-independent, multithreaded programming environment. It is the foundation for Web and networked services, applications, platform-independent desktops, robotics, and other embedded devices.

Three main technology values of Java include:

    * A Richer User Experience - Whether you're using a Java technology-powered mobile phone to play a game or to access your company's network, the Java platform provides the foundation for true mobility. The unique blend of mobility and security in Java technology makes it the ideal development and deployment vehicle for mobile and wireless solutions.
    * The Ideal Execution Environment for Web Services - The Java and XML languages are the two most extensible and widely accepted computing languages, providing maximum reach to everyone, everywhere, every time, to every device and platform.
    * Enabling Business from End to End - Java technology offers a single, unifying programming model that can connect all elements of a business infrastructure.
    * Java Technologies
    * JavaFx
    * Java & Related Technologies

Java Technology in Small and Mobile Devices

The Micro Edition of the Java Platform meets the needs of developers creating applications for the consumer and embedded markets. No other technology provides such robust applications across so many types of size-constrained wireless and wireline devices, from mobile phones and PDAs to set-top boxes and vehicle telematics.
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Java Technology in PC Desktops

The Standard Edition of the Java Platform is designed specifically to develop secure, portable, high-performance applications for the widest range of desktop computing platforms possible, including Apple Macintosh, Linux, Microsoft Windows and Sun Solaris. Compatible desktops, especially in heterogeneous environmemts, represent a boost in user productivity, communication, and collaboration, as well as a considerable cost-of-ownership savings.
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Java Technology in Medium to Large Busineses

The Enterprise Edition of the Java Platform is especially valuable to growing businesses with broad deployment needs, for example, server and desktop applications as well as mobile wireless and wireline applications. There have been over five million downloads of Java technology for the Enterprise for advantages that apply across virtually all industries and application types, from business process management and enterprise resource planning to supply chain management, sales and service force automation, and office productivity.