About Auto insurance

Hi friends I have posted about the site auto insurance . Auto Insurance is part of the East Coast Health Insurance family of insurance brokers and agents. East Coast auto insurance  is the only nationwide auto insurance  agency in the entire country that offers multiple insurance companies online. Auto Insurance offers instant from all major national and regional car insurance companies. Car insurance is not cheap, but like taxes…it’s just one of those items in life that one has to pay for.
 auto insurance  guards you from monetary losses in the event of an accident or collision. Auto insurance is a contractual agreement linking you and the automotive insurance carrier of your choosing. In most cases automotive insurance covers not only damages to property but your liability as well as medical costs, related fees and expenditures.
  An auto insurance policy is made up of six basic types of protection. Almost all states require some degree of insurance protection none require it to the extent where you must be protected from all six types of damages. On the other hand if you don’t own your vehicle the company who is handling your financing may have its own stipulations as to the extent of coverage necessary.