Ruchika's expulsion unfair? Answers on Thursday

A ages afterwards 14-year-old Ruchika Girhotra was confused by a arch badge officer, she was expelled by her school, the Sacred Heart Convent in Chandigarh. It abashed and depressed her, and Ruchika's ancestors believes that it's one of the affidavit why she committed suicide three years after in 1993.
Was the academy pressured by the policeman who confused Ruchika? The Chandigarh administering says a academic analysis is in its aftermost stages; the Home Secretary that the address will be fabricated accessible on Thursday.
The academy has denied allegations that it acted on the instructions of SPS Rathore, the Inspector General who confused Ruchika. Instead, spokespersons for the academy say that Ruchika has not paid her academy fees for several months.
Ruchika's father, Subhash Girhotra, says he was not accustomed any warnings about his daughter's behind fees.
A Accessible Interest Litgation (PIL) filed in a Chandigarh cloister asks the government to investigate Ruchika's expulsion. Te PIL is motivated by what India is incensed by - the accessible access that Rathore exerted to abuse Ruchika for accusatory about him, and to assure himself from any action.
After Ruchika was expelled, her ancestors connected to be addled by the police. Her brother, Ashu, was affected for annexation and beatific to jail. In a badge complaint, Ashu says Rathore acclimated to ache him in prison. Afterwards Ruchika's death, Ashu was acquitted and released. The Girhotras larboard Chandigarh.
Rathore went on to get pleasure several promotions, backward in 2002 as Haryana's badge chief.
Ruchika's ancestors and accompany won a above action in their 16-year cause for amends back the badge formally accused Rathore of active Ruchika to her suicide. If convicted, Rathore faces upto 10 years in prison.