Greek Myth in “PYGMALION”

George Bernard Shaw was one of the renowned writers in the English literature . He received a pompous nobel prize for his well- known works. Some of his best works are: Joan of Arc, Apple Cart and Pygmalion. In Pygmalion he showed his talented way of using the Greek mythological influences.
According to the greek myth a famous artist lived and he created a beautiful sculpture named Galatea. The sculpture praised by everyone and its charmed beauty attracted the eyes of the people. Because of the gratitude the sculpture itself asked the artist to marry her. The artist also showed his support and both lived happily.
In the same way George Bernard Shaw created the story by introducing the character like Prof.Higgins, a linguistic and Eliza Dolittle, a flower girl. Once a flower girl asked the professor to teach her a phonetic, because she stumbled while she sell a flower in her shop. The Professor also nodded his turn and promised her to teach her language within a month, indeed he changed her style include. In the same way Eliza also learnt very soon and she fell in love with a young man. But she rejected for some of the reason, while at the same time she asked the Professor to marry her but he didn’t  accept  her love. Instead he told that, he resembled as a guru, so he asked her to marry the young man. Finally he organized the flower shop for the girl and they lived happily.