Review of the novel-POLLYANNA.

                The author of the novel is Eleanor H.Porter. She is an American novelist and her birth is 1890 and died at 1920. She wrote many novels and i get chance to read her novel. This novel inspired me because the novel is found to be an optimistic note. Yes! though a little girl, she is very strong in her character through out the novel. Pollyanna is a eleven year old orphan girl and get sheltered by her aunt Miss.Polly, a spinster and she is very strict and often call herself as a "firm" and very "punctual". Pollyanna's father encouraged her through a glad game. So often herself console her loneliness in this way. Nancy is a servant maid in her aunt house. She knows her aunt behaviour with the help of servant maid. But she doesn't take as a serious matter and despite think that she changes her character gradually. She faces a failure only, but she doesn't give up her steps.
                             Once AuntPolly herself wondered about her niece friendship with Mr.Pendleton, because he doesn't reveal his any sign to anybody. But Pollyanna turned his stone heart into lovable person. This activities somewhat create soft corner with Polly. The catastrophe flow in the life of Pollyanna, that she faces a terrible accident when she returned from the house of Mr.Pendleton. Due to the accident she loses her leg, this made the heart of AuntPolly  with clashes. Though  she  loses her leg, Pollyanna dream about her future into the bright side. So the novelist ends her novel into the  optimistic themes. If  somebody gets chances please read the whole novel and  you also felt  OPTIMISM.