Philosophical Tone in Robert Frost’s Poem, “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening”.

                 Robert Frost was an American and he was one of the greatest poets of his period. He has written many poem particularly the one poem was inspired byJawarharlalNehru. The poem was “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening”. It has a great philosophical tone of life. Once the poet took a ride in horse,while he crossed the woods(forest),he was tempted by beautiful snowy white covered the woods. The poet gave a lot of informative effect upon the poem but he has no time to stand and watch the lovely scene of the woods.  So he put a poem with a end note of 
           “the woods are lovely, dark and deep
               But I have promises to keep
                  And miles to go before I sleep
                     And miles to go before I sleep”.
          These last lines were inspired by JawaharlalNehru and he put before him on the table.