Margaret Laurence’s women of two novels, The Stone angel and A jest of God.

           Margaret Laurence is a Canadian writer.  Most of her novel spins  around the Manawaka, so often her novel called  as Manawaka series of novels.  Her famous two novels is A jest of God and The Stone Angel. These two novels portrays the pride of those women named Hagar shipley and Rachel Cameron.

          In A Jest of God Rachel cameron school teacher of thirty-four year old a spinster. She lived with her mother and she always looked restless and her best friend  callamackie.  She delivered all matter to her for sought opinion. Her friendship with Nick kazlik revealed  a refresh for her mind but it was not continued . Because of her wavering thought, and once she came to known that wags pregnant.  This was also not kept her peaceful because this turned to beningn tumour. Finally she came to realised that it was a jest of god.

              But somewhat different Hagar Shipley, a ninety-year old lady in The stone Angel.  The title of the novel itself revealed her character .  She was well - settled lady lived with her son Marvin and his wife.  She led her life with a luxurious style.  She indulged with her over- pride.  Though she was unable to live independent, but she could not realised her fate. So she always look relentless,restless and over-pride.