Maudlin Memoirs

I passed my college;
            Where we made our collage.
Swamped old thoughts engulfed me;
          My reminiscence started to flee.
Eagerness grow more and more;
          And my thoughts dawn to soar;
Urges me entered with enthusiasm;
              Which is a place fanaticism.
Staring the classroom where I  sat;
              Seated myself safe in the mat.
 It gave solace to my heart;
               Where my senses fought.
 Thoughts go beyond level;
          When I stood on the gravel;
Unexpectedly eyes glance the desk
            Impulsively my hands went on to frisk.
Slowly tears peered out to show emotion;
But senses controlled my passion;             
Hopefully I come out yuckily;
Where majestic sun welcomes   me  luckily.
I felt some changes  in  me  crawled;
My heart relentlessly bawled;