Jack of all trade-"Shakespeare"

        Shakespeare(1564-1616)has written 37 plays,two long narrative poems named Venus and Adonis and Rape of Lucrece and 154 sonnets. The plays classified as tragedy, comedy, tragic-comedy and historical plays. Each plays derived the pompous thematic structure not only themes but also a philosophical tone. Here see some of the four major tragedies of Shakespeare. The four major tragedies are Hamlet, Othello, King Lear and Macbeth.Let us see one by one.
        The first one is Hamlet - delaying things. KingHamlet father of Hamlet was poisoned by his own wife and his brother. The news sent to Hamlet and he came for  the funeral. Hamlet got shocked about his father's sudden death. But he came to know the secret about  the death of his father and the conspirators were nothing but his own mother and his uncle. So he decided to took revenge both of them.He made a plan with the help of his friends,but he delayed the action for some chances. This delaying acts created a lot of enemies to Hamlet. 
                The next Othello - Suspicious. Othello, a black moor in Venice. Desdemona, a beautiful lady and king's daughter. The love affair between them was known to king, so he made arrangement for his daughter. However she refused that marriage proposals but his father didn't lent his ears to her wish. So she eloped with othello. The news gave so much disappointed to the king. But both of them lead a peaceful life. Iago, a villain spin a web for the peaceful life of Othello,because already Iago was disgust by him.He insisted to Othello about the illegal act of Desdemona. Othello got irritated and warned Iago. But very soon the circumstances grew against Desdemona.Foolishly he believed the words of Iago and he didn't gave any reason,and killed her.So this proved the suspicious act of Othello.
              The third one King Lear-Though he was a great king but he has a lack of judgement. He had three daughters namely Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. The first two got married and their plan was to kept all the property of king for them. Once King called all the three daughters to the throne and asked them how much he was loved by them besides he told that he gave all the property to those who loved him much.The first daughter told that she loved him so much,the second one told that her love was greater than anybody. The next turn came to Cordelia, She openly reveal if she got married her affection was her husband but now affection to her father. Suddenly king got angry and scolded her and told that all the property only for the first two daughters.Cordelia didn't showed any reaction to her father and  he only got so much frustrated to her daughter. This showed the foolish act King Lear.            
                 Finally in Macbeth showed that over-ambitious. Macbeth was trusted Captain to his  king. He was praised by him very often. Once Macbeth was induced by three witches that there was a lot of chances to become king. So these words changed Macbeth and he discussed  about his wife. she gave a plot to kill a king in the castle,because king told that he came that night so both of them got happy and the plan was finished by Macbeth smoothly. But afterwards Macbeth couldn't sleep because he killed the king while sleeping. Lady Macbeth got sonambulism disease and she suicide herself.  This proved the over-ambitious of Macbeth.  
             Shakespeare is rooted for introduced  all supernatural character in his plays.  He only hold the three unities in his play "THE TEMPEST".