Shakespeare and super-natural elements:

I am not directly saying that Shakespeare only responsible for introducing the super-natural elements but he is also one of the persons used this elements. The most significant example for this was “The Tempest” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

      If we come across the play, The Tempest the very memorable blissful character is Ariel. It is the leading spirit and helpful for the lovers, Miranda and Ferdinand. Miranda and her father were banished by her uncle for fond of the throne. They were left in the isolated island, where Miranda never saw the men than her father. In this situation Ariel role introduced by Shakespeare in the way of some magical elements of Ariel. The lovers were fallen in love at first sight. Finally both were resumed their life with nuptial not and blessed by her father. Likewise the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the super-natural elements were fairies named Oberon, Titania and Puck(ariel).Once two fairies were fighting with each other and didn’t faced their affection. So Oberon sought helped from Puck, but he played magical spirit in a comical way. By squeezed the love-juice through the love pair he promised that they forgot their quarrel. But meanwhile another love pair from country arrived that the woods. Instead of squeezed the love-juice through the fairies he put it the love pair wrongly. This lead a collapsed way and finally ended in a happily wedlock. 

       Because of this emphatic supernatural elements Shakespeare’s play was ever written by anyone. He introduced the super-natural elements like witches, ghosts, ariel and so on.