View of Romantic Period in English Literature(1798-1837)

      The Romantic Poets were of two kinds: one were older, and another were younger. William wordsworth, Coleridge,Walterscott and Robertsouthey. The younger group were LordByron, Johnkeats and P.B.Shelley. In Romantic period,the basic themes flourished with full of nature. Though there were Romantic poets but we take a short look at William Wordsworth.  This poems putsforth our heart into natural effect.
     The one of the finest poems of Williamwordsworth proved he was the great poet of the period.  The "Daffodils" the poem ever written by anybody.  He look a flower illustrated highest theme in a such  a flower . Daffodils was the golden yellowish flower.
     In garden the daffodils tossed their head in the soft breeze blowing there.  As a poet the daffodils was not a simple flower but he thought it gave a comfort and consolation to the pensive state of mind.  Because of the point of view wordsworth secure the highest peak in the Romantic Period.
     So WilliamWordsworth was the worshipper and high priest of "Nature".