Agatha Christie


                             And Then There Were None
    Eight bodies of altered amusing classes accept been arrive to a abode on the fabulous Soldier Island , which is based aloft Burgh Island off the bank of Devon. Aloft arriving, they are told that their hosts, a Mr. and Mrs. U.N. Owen are currently away, but that the guests will be abounding to by Thomas and Ethel Rogers. Anniversary bedfellow finds in his or her allowance an odd bit of bagatelle and a affected archetype of the nursery beat "Ten Little Soldiers" blind on the wall.
         Before banquet that evening, the guests apprehension ten soldier boy figurines on the dining allowance table. During the meal, a gramophone almanac plays, accusing anniversary of the ten of murder. Anniversary bedfellow acknowledges an acquaintance of the deaths of the bodies mentioned, but denies either acerbity and/or acknowledged culpability.The guests apprehend they accept been tricked into advancing to the island, but acquisition that they cannot leave: the baiter which regularly delivers aliment has chock-full arriving. They are murdered one by one, anniversary annihilation allegory a ballad of the nursery rhyme, with one of the ten figurines actuality removed afterwards anniversary murder.
      Aboriginal to die is Anthony Marston, whose alcohol is berserk with cyanide . That night, Thomas Rogers notices that a baby is missing from the dining table. Mrs. Rogers dies in her beddy-bye that night, which Dr. Armstrong attributes to a baleful balance of sleeping beaker . General MacArthur fatalistically predicts that no one will leave the island alive, and at lunch, is absolutely begin asleep from a draft to the aback of the skull. Meanwhile, two added figurines accept abolished from the dining room. In growing panic, the survivors chase the island in arrogant for the murderer. Justice Wargrave establishes himself as a absolute baton of the accumulation and asserts that one of them charge be the assassin arena a barbarous bold with the rest. The killer's askance amusement is apparent by the names of their "hosts": "U.N. Owen" is a pun and a homophone for "unknown". The abutting morning, Rogers is missing, as is addition figurine. He is begin asleep in the woodshed, addled in the aback of the arch with an axe . Later that day, Emily Brent is dead in the kitchen by an bang of potassium cyanide that leaves a mark on her neck, that, at first, appears to be a bite from a blow bee placed in the room. The hypodermic aggravate is begin alfresco her window abutting to a burst ceramics figurine. The bristles survivors — Dr. Armstrong, Justice Wargrave, Philip Lombard, Vera Claythorne, and ex-Inspector Blore — become more abashed and about frantic.Wargrave suggests they lock up any abeyant weapons, including Armstrong's medical accessories and the judge's own sleeping pills.
        Lombard admits to bringing a blaster to the island, but says it has gone missing. Resolved to accumulate the analgesic from catching anyone alone, they accumulate in the cartoon allowance and alone leave one at a time. Vera goes up to her allowance and discovers a strand of seaweed: an allusion to the boy the gramophone declared that she had drowned. Her screams allure the absorption of Blore, Lombard, and Armstrong, who blitz to her aid. When they acknowledgment to the cartoon room, they acquisition Wargrave in a apology of a administrative wig and clothes with a gunshot anguish in his forehead . Armstrong confirms the death, and they lay Wargrave's anatomy in his allowance and awning it with a sheet. Shortly afterward, Lombard discovers his blaster has been returned. That night, Blore hears addition cheating out of the house. He and Lombard investigate and, advertent Armstrong missing, assume the doctor is the killer. They deathwatch Vera and the three absorb the night outdoors. In the morning, Blore leaves for aliment and does not return. Vera and Lombard anon ascertain his anatomy on the advanced lawn, skull ashamed by a bear-shaped alarm and on the shore, Armstrong, drowned . Paranoid, anniversary assumes the added is the murderer. In the close collision that follows, Vera feigns benevolence and has Lombard advice her move Armstrong's anatomy out of the water, application the befalling to aces his blaster from his pocket. She kills Lombard with a attempt through the affection on the bank and allotment to the house. Dazed and adrift with abatement and drowsiness, Vera is unsurprised to acquisition a asphyxiate able in her room. In a abstraction of exhaustion, guilt, and relief, she hangs herself.