fate of dr.faustus in the hand of Mephistophilis

Fate of  Dr.Faustus in the hand of  Mephistophilis:
               Christopher Marlowe  is one of the so called University wits. He was born in 1564 and he was the contemporary of  the remarkable Shakespeare. Marlowe only responsible for  introducing the blank verse in tragedy. Let us see how the cataclysm formed in the life of well-versed doctorate.
     This play consists of the five-act play. Each act having the scene-2, 3 & 4 vice-versa. In the opening scene Faustus learnt the art of necromancy and magic (the magical art of raising the dead). However Faustus having the knowledge about the life and death, but he fell a prey for the evil spirit and Lucifer, the Prince of the devil. Foolishly he nodded his head to the bond signed by him to the Mephistophilis and Lucifer. Faustus’s shed his blood in the bond made by Mephistophilis  after the procedure finished the wound was healed by magical way. This endeavour  blindly tempted by him and he agreed the five conditions. The five conditions are following:
                        (a) that Faustus be a spirit  in form and substance
                        (b) that Mephistophilis be his servant at his command
                        ©  that Mephistophilis brings him whatever he desires
                        (d) that he shall be in his chamber or house invisible
                        (e) that he shall appear to Faustus in  what form or shape at all times               
After read out all the terms and conditions of Lucifer, particularly he emphasized him not to think about the Almighty power. In the mean time the good and evil spirit appeared before the Faustus and evil spirit enticed him the power of the Lucifer and good spirit insisted him about the supremacy of God. Indeed it added that the time was enough for him but instead he revealed the deaf sign to it. Holding the magical spirit and always be with Mephistophilis he around the world. The seven deadly sins appeared, Pride, Covetousness, Wrath, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth and Lechery. Though he mortgaged his soul and body to the Lucifer and Mephistophilis he enjoyed the time in a futile way. Often he was warned by both the good and bad evil. Finally the clock struck the time and after 24 years Faustus’s body and soul was carried by the Mephistophilis and Lucifer. Though he learned person, the fates distract the life of Faustus in tempted words of Mephistophilis.

                        Thus the destiny of Dr.Faustus life is collapsed by the lust and over ambitious. ChristopherMarlowe’s plays often glittering the thoughts againsts the Almighty.