I am still a tomboy: Paris Hilton

She may accept a diva angel with her altogether accommodating dresses and accessories but socialite Paris Hilton says that she is basically a tomboy.
"I still am a tomboy. I adulation to go fishing. I adulation sports. I acclimated to comedy ice hockey. You know, I anticipate bodies alone see the allure and the parties, but back I'm at home I'm absolutely different," Hilton told Bodies annual online.
The 28-year-old auberge almsman who has already created a appearance authority of handbags, fragrances and beard extensions, now Hilton has a fresh accession to her appearance stable, with two added adorableness articles 'The Celebrity Styler collapsed adamant and Ultimate Brush.
"There are a lot of articles out there that don't work, they're a rip-off. I capital to accomplish article that was affordable, that works. It's fast, it's accessible and you don't charge a beard stylist," Hilton said.