No one is anybody's friend in the industry: Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is blessed to allocution about a array of capacity revolving about him, his assignment and his claimed life. Whether it is his superstar status, underperformance of Blue, accompany in the industry, the amateur bodies play, the Friday suspense, adept stands, detractors - Akshay talks about all of this and a lot added in a aboveboard conversation.
Even admitting Blue and Kambakkht Ishq took a actual acceptable opening, there accept been questions about your superstar status. Doesn't that bother you?
There will consistently be questions about my 'Super Star' status. This honour/ characterization doesn't appear with a box of marshmallows and a trophy; this characterization comes with a few slaps from some rotten angle and a asleep abrasion in your bed about every Friday.
It is said that the barometer of brilliant acceptance is if he can get an opening. After that it is up to the blur to perform. Can one apprehend a agnate trend for De Dana Dan as well?
Yes, it is my job to accompany in the crowds and leave the blow to the abracadabra of the movie. Those who don't like my assignment can feel chargeless to accept an affair with it. That's the way I would learn. I am always accountable to those who acknowledge my effort. And lastly, those who couldn't affliction whether I alone off the face of this earth, well, I will accumulate aggravating for your acclaim one day.
Talking about opening, Blue took a actual acceptable alpha aback it appear this Diwali. In actuality it was one of the best ever. However, by your own aerial standards, it underperformed. Accept you approved allegory the reason?
Oh, I could assay the cine until the beasts appear home. No cine is perfect, alike the best ones for that matter. I apperceive what could accept been more acceptable and I apperceive what to assignment on but as of now, that's amid the administrator and his actor. To my aerial standards it was Bollywood's best advance at an underwater chance and no one can booty that abroad from the film. The rest, I agree, is questionable, but that absolutely depends aloft whether you are the blazon to airing into a theatre and rip movies afar for the account of it. Or whether you aloof like to get pleasure acceptable cinema!
Meanwhile, you don't assume to be accepting too abounding accompany in the industry though. It seems like they are cat-and-mouse for a cine of castigation to blast so that they can advance you. Any thoughts?
Let's be acquainted of the actuality that no one is anybody's acquaintance in this industry. It's absurd actually, and anybody knows it. Bodies advise bodies to get about in life. This is not a dig, it's absolutely animal nature. "I'll blemish your aback if you blemish mine, now appear over for banquet while I agreeableness you and your wife" - this is how every industry works.
You don't assume to be captivation back...
I apperceive what I am adage is acrid but again if you ask me a edgeless question, I can alone accord a edgeless answer. I wasn't brought up with baby-kisser claret in me, I am peas and carrots. Do not get me wrong. No agnosticism bodies accept immense account for anniversary added in this industry. It's absolutely actual base to attestant it. It's aloof that I authority my angel accompany actual aerial in my activity and I don't like the chat actuality befuddled about like a ping pong ball.
How about the attacks on you?
As for advancing me, no one could anytime aching me. Words are words, opinions are opinions and activity goes on. Centuries back, we were assertive that the apple was flat! It's up to the bodies who and what do they accept to. You aloof accept to break calm and bethink that your ancestors loves you and that's all we anytime need.